We begin every pop with a dash of inspiration, a lot of  love and a healthy respect for the ingredients and our pop enthusiasts. PopNature pops are inspired by trips to the local farmer’s markets, unforgettable memories and cherished experiences with friends and family. We are proud to offer PopNature for your flavor enjoyment.



Produce the very best ice-pops with 100% pure ingredients – It is our mission as a socially & environmentally conscious company  to making impactful change in the world by creating fun, spreading love and selling the most wholesome product we can make, while promoting business practices that respect the Earth, the Community and the Environment, one PopNature product at a time.

Social Responsibility We believe FUN is an essential part of living. We  also recognize our role as a business in society. It is our intention to actively be a part of and create impact in our local communities.We will continue to explore and create innovative ways to make the world a better place for all living things. We believe creating effective impact begins on a local level. Our ongoing effort is to embrace national and global communities.

Thank you for being a part of our journey – let’s have fun, let’s dance and let’s change the world together!






Our #1 guiding principal starts with our sourcing – Working closely with local farms and vendors ensure the best quality seasonal ingredients available go into each and every one of our pops.  We never use additives or preservatives. NO GMOs and organic whenever possible. We hope to start our own farm in the near future.

Miami has character and so do our pops - We harness the spirit of living in South Florida to express the true soul of this city through our globally inspired, island charged recipes. The result is an honest, luscious flavor that will bring a smile to your lips and warm your soul.

Don’t mess with Mother Nature – Fresh Strawberries at the peak of season don’t need food coloring (natural or otherwise), nor does fresh pressed coconut milk require any emulsifiers. This is why we strive to preserve the condition in which we find our fruits when creating your ice-pops creating a clean & pure, delicious & nutritionally good for you. When you eat things as nature intended – your body thanks you.

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