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Welcome to PopNature! Find your pop nature in our selection of palate pleasing ice pops, guaranteed to satisfy the most discriminate customer. We focus on local, fresh and unusual ingredients to cool you down by the pool, at a party and your private event. Pop Nature popsicles are handcrafted artisan gourmet popsicles. All pops are natural and organic with a selection of vegan and gluten free options. Please let us know how we can make your world more fun!


Working closely with local farms and vendors ensures the best quality seasonal ingredients available that go into each and every one of our popsicles.

Recipe Ideas

We harness the spirit of living in South Florida to express the true soul of this city through our globally inspired, island charged recipes.


Visit our shop to order any of our amazing popsicles to satisfy your taste buds. Be sure to check the shop frequently for new and exciting recipes.

Our Roots

South Florida is where we call home. Although we are starting operations in South Florida, you'll soon see PopNature across the nation.

Latest Reviews

Toddler Approved!!!

These popsicles are absolutely so natural and my two and a half year old loves them.  She always wants agua-melon, watermelon lol.  I have no problem in allowing her to eat these pops.
Candice Callahan 22 Sep, 2015

Amazingly Refreshing

These popsicles are amazingly refreshing. They are tasty and naturally sweet which allows you to enjoy the real taste of the fruits. My favorite is the Cafe con Leche pop which I have regularly at night after dinner to get my caffeine in a relaxing and chilled way.
Christian Sanchez 21 Sep, 2015